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Birthday Parties!

The Super Funny Birthday


Birthday Parties are what I LOVE to do and ages 3-7 are my speciality! On the day of the birthday I'll arrive about 20-30 minutes early.  We'll find the perfect place to perform and then it only takes about 5 minutes to set up!


$225 Basic Party-  High energy comedy magic on a younger kids level.  They'll be belly laughing and having a ball!  30-35 minutes of hysterical, fun, age appropriate magic where the birthday child is the star of the show.


$250 Deluxe Party- Same as basic but Fluffy the Magic Rabbit comes along.  The birthday child helps make Fluffy apear out of thin air.  Then all the kids get to take some time to pet Fluffy and you have the opportunity to get some great pictures! Plus if there is room (and usually there is) Blake will do the head in a giant balloon trick that your guests will be posting on instagram and the kids will be talking about for weeks.


$275 Deluxe Party with Balloons-  Same as the Deluxe and then add on another 30 minutes of simple balloon animals (rabbits, dogs, giraffes, ladybugs, turtles, monkeys, swords.). This option give kids one on one time to talk and visit with the Amazing Blake.





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